Alim Kheraj
August 31, 2016 5:06 am

We’ve been doing all we can to wait patiently (okay, not so patiently) for the next instalment in the Star Wars saga, Episode VIII, which is due for release next year.

While we’re being gifted with a standalone film in the shape of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which looks completely and utterly epic btw) later this year (December 16 to be precise), we still find ourselves daydreaming on the regular about what exactly will happen with Rey, Finn, Leia, and Luke, who appeared briefly at the end of The Force Awakens.


Of course there are MANY theories out there, some which ask questions like if Rey is, ultimately, the villain of the new series of films, or if she’s actually related to Emperor Palpatine.

Given that Star Wars is one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, it’s no wonder that the plot points for the future films are being kept closely under wraps. Obviously, however, the cast are only human and little titbits have ended up being revealed, like THIS.

Now it seems that another cast member has let slip some more info about the upcoming sequels.

*WARNING: Spoilers may be contained below* 

Mark Hamill, who plays the enigmatic Luke Skywalker in the films, may have accidentally let slip something HUGE.

Uploading a video to Twitter, Mark tweeted that he was shaving off his beard. “Haven’t seen my chin since May ’15,” he wrote. “so #FarewellFacialFur & #ByeByeBeard [sic]”

Hamill was shaving off his wise Jedi beard as part of the upcoming Pop Culture Quest show, for the Comic-Con HQ streaming network.

Continuing, however, it seems that Hamill accidentally let slip that Luke Skywalker would, indeed, be returning for Episode IX.


Lucas Film LTD

Continuing in the tweet, he wrote, “At least #EpisodeIX.”

Okay *breathes deeply*, what does this mean? Does this mean that, hopefully, Luke won’t be killed in the next film? Does it mean that he’s coming back as one of those freaky Star Wars ghost thingys? The last time we saw Luke was at the tail end of The Force Awakens when Rey goes to learn about The Force, so anything is possible.

At the moment, little is known about the plot for Episode VIII, let alone Episode IX. All we know is that the final instalment of the new trilogy is being directed by Colin Trevorrow, the man behind Jurassic World.

Unfortunately, we have a bit of a wait until Episode VIII. So, until then we’re going back to watch the saga from the beginning.