Rosemary Donahue
Updated Jun 01, 2016 @ 9:14 am
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So, those of us who watch Grey’s Anatomy know that almost everyone gets together at one point or another. Their lives are the hospital, and they don’t really have time for dating outside of those four walls — it’s practically an inevitability that they’ll find their partners, either for life or casual sexual encounters, in the same place that they do the work of saving people. You could basically close your eyes, point to any two people, predict a love match, and be right. However, Mark and Callie had a conversation in Season 3, Episode 12 that foreshadowed something beyond just a casual relationship. They talked about Mark being a father, which actually ended up happening later on in the series when Mark and Callie had a child together — their beautiful daughter, Sofia.

Here’s the conversation:

Mark: Do you think I’d be a terrible father?

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Callie: Oh, I don’t know. Do you like kids?

Mark: I don’t know, it depends on how loud they are.

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Callie: Okay, do you like family? Are you a family kind of guy?

Mark: I don’t really have family. Derek was my family.

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Callie: Okay, well what about birthdays and anniversaries? Do you remember those sorts of things?

Mark: No. I don’t know. Sometimes. Isn’t it the same with all men?

Callie: No. Some men just like kids. To some men, families are everything.

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Mark: Right. And you know these men?

Callie: I do, I know one.

Mark: I would’ve made a terrible father.

This was while Callie was married to George, before she’d come out as bisexual and married Arizona. Addison had just told Mark that she wanted kids, but not from him, which had prompted this line of questioning.

Do you think that the Grey’s writers had this future for Callie and Mark in mind all along?

Credit: ABC