Natalia Lusinski
Updated Feb 18, 2017 @ 11:42 am
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Credit: Paul Morigi/WireImage

We’re all about swooning over cute photos of celebrities’ kids, and Mariah Carey’s twins look adorably at ease in a recording studio in her latest Instagram post. You may remember Carey and the twins at a family dinner with Nick Cannon last month, as E! News reported. Now, with the kids’ ~super talented~ musical parents, we’ll be curious to see if the twins follow in Carey’s and Cannon’s singing footsteps.

ICYMI, the twins, aka Moroccan and Monroe, aka Roc and Roe, are now five years old (!).

How did that happen, right?! And here’s the pic of Roc and Roe in the recording studio with Carey that we can’t stop looking at without envisioning them singing — adorably, no less.

As for whether Moroccan and Monroe are musically inclined, it sure looks like it based on this Insta post from a couple months ago. We can’t even handle the cuteness.

One thing’s for sure — if they do pursue music, the kids will have the best music coaches.

And, aside from music, it also seems like Carey and Cannon are fun parents: Roc and Roe have their very own candy room (!!). YES, PLEASE.

So while we wait for Roc and Roe to potentially record and release an album, we’re now having serious candy cravings. Brb.