Krista Jensen
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 2:52 pm
Margot Robbie
Credit: Getty Images / Matthew Eisman

Is there anything she can’t do? It was super hard to tell just what we were looking at when footage of Margot Robbie ice skating for her new film I, Tonya rolled out this morning. Is this footage of a young Tonya Harding herself, gliding along the ice in a glittering leotard and that ’90s-perfect kinked up ponytail? It is not! It is Margot Robbie proving for the millionth time that she is a force to be reckoned with, and that she can do all things and all things really, really well. Remember her upside-down acrobatic introduction in Suicide Squad? No biggie. Swinging from branch to branch in The Legend of Tarzan? What else you got? ‘Cause Margot can take it.

She twirls, she spins, she floats ever so gracefully across the ice! Margot Robbie is shaping up to be the go-to girl for just about everything.


I, Tonya will come out in 2018, and follows the story of troubled Olympic skater Tonya Harding through the ’90s. Tonya provided the world with some of the most elaborate, fun and high energy ice routines (she was the first American woman to complete the elusive triple axel jump in competition, after all), so Margot has got a lot of time in the rink ahead of her, we imagine. false

February is the most perfect time to learn how to skate! If we were Margot, we’d coyly wait until we could host SNL again, only to spectacularly skate across the famous ice rink in Rockefeller Center and act like it ain’t no thang. “Oh this? Anyone can do this!” *Completes that swirly move where figure skaters get really low, really fast on only one skate and then come back up again* (You know the one).

We’re happy to see the newlywed on the ice and hope to see more as we get closer to her film’s release. What a way to return from a honeymoon!