If you haven’t been watching The March Family Letters, this is your month to catch up. Why? Because it’s March, and also because the web series, loosely based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic characters, is awesome. It’s basically the Little Women web series we’ve always wanted.

The videos, which can be found on Pemberley Digital’s YouTube channel (home of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved, modern web adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and Emma, respectively), bring a contemporary approach to the March sisters, allowing us to finally see what the four sisters would be like TODAY. There’s the indomitable Jo (played by Alex Kerr), an aspiring filmmaker with a bit of a wild streak, Amy (Cassidy Civiero), who brings a new meaning to the word “hipster,” Meg (Jessica Allen), hardworking and fashionable as ever, and sweet, shy Beth (Nicole Girt), whose fear of the camera is only matched by her musical ability.

The series, which launched in December and has now banked 18 episodes, encompasses all of the squabbles and sisterly love that we adore about the classic coming-of-age story. We can’t wait for each new episode.

You can catch up on the videos through YouTube or at the series’ website here. You can also follow the story on Twitter with some of our favorite characters. New episodes are posted every Tuesday and Friday at 12pm EST.

Seriously you guys, it’s March Madness time.