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Tattoos can be really great, permanent ways to display meaningful images or words on your body – ones you want to remember forever. They are completely personal and not everyone needs to understand them.

But when you have a tattoo of sperm on your foot, well, people might be a little interested in hearing the story behind it.

And yes, Mandy Moore has a sperm tattoo on her foot.

Mandy Moore stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers while promoting her new NBC series This is Us on Monday. The interview was fully entertaining, because not only did she almost give away the big twist in the show (again), she also revealed the meaning behind her sperm tattoo.

Exhibit A:

That actually makes so much sense. We will never look at sperm tattoos the same way again. At least, not Mandy Moore’s.

You can check out the revealing interview below:

We will never get over-y (get it? like ovary!) this.