Credit: Netflix

Your binge of Netflix’s Making a Murder might be done and over with, but the case against Steven Avery is far from shut and closed. He’s got a new defense lawyer, Kathleen Zellner (you’re forever in our hearts, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting!), and she’s been slowly gathering evidence to present to the state of Wisconsin to have Avery exonerated from jail. Zellner even believes that SHE knows who really killed Teresa Halbach.

In a very long, in-depth interview with Newsweek, Zellner boasts that she’s not only “solved way more murder cases than most homicide detectives” but just like us, binged all of Making A Murder, too.

“When I watched [Making A Murderer], I felt that the attitude toward him by the prosecutors and the state was that he was disposable. It was almost like a class thing. [His family] didn’t matter, they had no power,” explains to Newsweek. “The longer I watched it, the more angry I got.”

That anger drove her to form a new defense case for Avery, and she plans to use the same thing that was used against Avery in the first place: forensic evidence.

“They used forensic science to convict [Avery], and I’ll be using it to convict them of planting the evidence,” she continues. “I think it’s pretty obvious that the blood evidence was planted, and the key was planted. The hood latch, I believe evidence was planted on the hood latch. Am I surprised this happened? Not at all.”

As for that new suspect, she’s hesitate to say exactly who she’s looking at, because, “there’s one, leading the pack by a lot. But I don’t want to scare him off, I don’t want him to run.” Supposedly (~supposedly~) Halbach made two phone calls to a man in Arizona shortly before midnight two days before she was killed. Present day, that man was just recently charged with a sex crime, so he might be the new prime suspect.

Though the new Avery case is only just beginning, and still far from over, Zellner is optimistic that this time, things will be different. And Avery will be a free man once again.