Lilian Min
September 18, 2016 11:26 am
Mad Decent

We’ve been jamming out to Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, and MØ’s “Cold Water” for a good part of the summer — it’s a cool and calming tune, providing a refreshing splash of sound against the rest of the summer jam lineup.

And now, the song’s got an equally refreshing video, as four of the Major Lazer dancers head to Iceland and do their thing against ethereal backdrops:

Though MØ and Major Lazer had previously actually appeared, together, in their video for “Lean On” (along with DJ Snake), none of them (and certainly not Bieber) show up in the video, leaving the dancers to take the spotlight. And against the ridiculously fantastic and lowkey mystical backdrops of Iceland’s nature, the dancers look like beacons of modernity beaming down onto the surreal ground.

We really can’t decide what’s the best outfit in the video, but the rainbow crochet bodysuits? Fantastic. Those oversized Major Lazer jackets? Amazing. And when the video switches into the night choreography, the overall vibe is positively volcanic. (Without having to actually shoot near a volcano, which could be pretty scary.) The safety stripe bodysuits toward the end are also pretty dope — and if you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume, we think we’ve hit upon a solid idea.