Two big things about Maisie Williams today, so listen up. First thing, she’s soon going to be battling zombies. Second thing, she believes Jon Snow is dead.

Let’s process these things separately, shall we? Taking all she’s learned from her her quest across Westeros to Essos, Williams is now set to take on some zombies. She’s going to star in The Forest of Hands and Teeth, originally a book by Carrie Ryan, now a movie being adapted and directed by Kate Maberly (so that’s a female author having her book turned into a movie by a female writer/director, starring a female, so WIN).

The plot will follow Williams’ Mary, and is set “sometime in the future, in a world where most of the human race has been taken by a bloodthirsty virus that leaves them roaming the planet as cannibals.” That’s where Mary comes in, and she’s going to lead “a ragtag group through the dark depths of the Forest of Hands and Teeth” hopefully beyond the zombies. It’s set to go into production early next year, so fingers-crossed we’ll see it by the end of next year.


We’ve officially lost track of who thinks he’s alive, and who thinks he’s dead, but now we have to add Williams to the latter column. Talking to TVLine on the red carpet at the Emmys, Williams gave a very firm, “he’s dead.”

She does offer up a “sorry,” and further explains that, one of Kit Harington‘s latest interviews — the one where he suggest he’s under contract for a few more years with Game of Thrones — was “fabricated.”

SAY IT AIN’T SO. But doesn’t she remember way back to the GoT finale, when Jon’s death totally WRECKED her like it WRECKED all of us? Surely this is just something to throw us off the Jon Snow scent, again. And make it an even BIGGER surprise when he shows up again !!

Williams also only answers the question about if he’s dead or not. Quick, someone’s should ask her about whether or not he comes back to life as a zombie. She’s soon going to be a pro at handling the undead, so she’ll have no problem dealing with her reincarnated older bro — you know, if it happens.


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