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Madonna is the queen of pop and that is a fact. The star, who has had an amazing career that has spanned over 36 years, released her 13th album, Rebel Heart, last year, and is widely considered a pop culture icon.

Despite her many re-inventions, however, Madonna, like all humans, has not found a cure for ageing. Despite this, the singer, who is 58, flaunts two fingers at the establishment and presumed assumptions of how people, but especially women, are expected to act at a certain age. Madonna isn’t, and has never been, afraid of controversy.

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Regardless that it’s a her life and she can behave how she likes, the star is often chastised by some for “flaunting” her body (which is AMAZING btw), while others find fault with the fact that she is still sexually provocative in her fifties.

While Madonna is a strong woman, she has decided to address the naysayers via Instagram and it has us screaming, “Yaaasssss!”

Titling the picture, which was shot by Mert Alas, “Still Acting my Age!” the star decided to go IN on her critics and it’s brilliant.

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This isn’t the first time that Madonna has hit out at those that have told the star to “act her age.” Speaking to ET last year, the star said that she was acting her age.

Following her comments in Instagram, the singer then proceeded to share a myriad of pictures showcasing her “acting her age” and it’s amazing.

Madonna recently wrapped up her “Rebel Heart Tour,” which grossed a mammoth $190 million. In fact, the star is THE highest grossing solo artist of all time, having made a crazy $1.31 billion!

We think it’s great that Madonna is still expressing herself in the way that she wants to. It’s amazing to see any woman, but especially one who’s been in the entertainment industry for nearly 40 years, still experimenting with their art and making statements.

Basically, she can do what she wants. Bitch, it’s Madonna after all.