Elena Sheppard
February 20, 2015 7:38 am

What’s the raddest element of the new Mad Men trailer? The clothes dude, they’re ‘right on.’ The trailer is titled “The Party’s Over” but if Roger’s sideburns and Megan’s belly chain are any indication, the party is totally just beginning. Also Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover” is the track du jour which makes the somewhat confusing trailer even more ’70s bitch-n. Side note the ’70s have more than once been called a ’60s hangover, so maybe “Love Hangover” actually has some new season hints for us. Can you dig it?

We still have many-a-day until the next new episode airs on April 5th so happy puzzle solving. If you can find any substantial meaning in these cryptic solo character shots that dominate the trailer then hit us with your wisdom. Catch you on the flip side.