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Exciting stage news, Gigglers! Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar winner and all around amazing actress and role model, will be taking to the stage in New York City this fall. Nyong’o will be starring at the famed Public Theater in Eclipsed, a play written in 2009 by another woman we love, Danai Gurira, who you may know as The Walking Dead‘s saber-wielding Michonne.

Eclipsed is set in Liberia, near the end of a brutal civil war in 2003. Three women are taken captive and forced into marrying a rebel commander, and the play focuses on their strategies for survival. The play will be directed by Liesl Tommy, who directed the original run back in 2009.

“The choices are so complicated,” Tommy told New York Times in 2009. The play, “kind of touches on every possible way human beings can try to survive.”

At the time, Gurira described the focus of her work saying, “In very many ways, my focus as an artist is about getting African women’s voices out there.”

This is the second play Gurira wrote, the first being In The Continuum.

As for when fans can see Eclipsed, preview shows start in September, with the play running from mid-October to November at the Public. Lupita broke the new to her fans via social media, and it sounds like she’s as pumped as we are.

Although there is no word on who will be joining Nyong’o on the stage, or what role she herself will be playing, we’re so excited to see her take the New York theater scene by storm in what is bound to be a powerful production.

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