Bridey Heing
July 21, 2015 4:36 am

Stephen Colbert may technically be on a brief break until taking over The Late Show in September, but he’s been taking full advantage of his free time. He’s donated to schools, made an appearance on Detroit public access television, and debated Pluto with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. But his most recent project is extra special: He wants to join you for lunch.

“Stephen Colbert Has Stephen Colbert’s Daily Lunch With You Starring Stephen Colbert” is a week long web series designed to give Colbert a chance to bond with viewers at their desks. Shot at a cubicle, Colbert digs into his own brown-bag lunch (Thin Mints, baby back ribs, and pizza in the first episode).

He also chats about his dreams, gripes about work, and brainstorms his future bed and breakfast — where guests can never leave, so he always has customers. Definitely a solid plan with exactly zero flaws, Stephen.

Anyone else looking very forward to lunch all of a sudden?

(Image via Youtube)