You’re excited for the new Star Wars, I’m excited for the new Star Wars, in preparation, we’ve all been digging out our old VHS tapes, figuring out if our VHS players even still WORK and diving back into the original trilogy.

So I real talk had not seen Episode IV AKA A New Hope since elementary school and apparently when you haven’t seen a movie for 20 years, there’s a LOT you forget. I of course remembered everything that’s iconic about the first film- the opening crawl, Princess Leia’s holographic plea (and that HAIR, get it, girl!), Han Solo’s handsomeness, and so on. But there’s also so much I forgot: that R2-D2 is the most competent character and if everyone had just listened to R2, it would have only taken, like, half the movie to defeat the Empire. Also the giant trash compactor scene, totally forgot about that.

And then there are things I never really noticed until this recent watch. Like how a lot of the costumes are pretty out there (Leia is legit in a space bridal dress with a hoodie and I am HERE for that.)

But some of the costumes are decidedly not out there. Like Luke Skywalker’s. Sure, he’s wearing the bizarre bathrobe thing on top. But on the bottom. He’s wearing jeans. No, not like he’s wearing pants that look like jeans. He’s literally wearing Levis jeans.

They’re bleached white, and styled with the aforementioned weird top and weird shoes, as befits a the garb of a character who lives a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But Luke, the space farmboy destined to become a Jedi knight, is definitely wearing jeans for most of Star Wars: A New Hope.

To be fair, he does change into what MAYBE could be slacks (but could also just maybe be brown Levis) to receive the medal of honor from Princess Leia at the end of the film (I mean, that whole trash compactor thing happened, so Luke kind of HAD to change, he couldn’t very well accept a fancy space award in covered in garbage juice).


P.S. If you’re like, HEY, isn’t Han also wearing jeans in this snap, we can’t prove it, but it kind of looks like he’s wearing jeans in basically every single scene in the movie:

Also, the only way we can explain that red stripe is maybe a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away they also had a Contempo Casuals from 1997?

So basically if you’re a dude in Star Wars, every day is Casual Friday. Noted.

So whatever became of Luke’s epic Levis. In 2013, Luke’s Jedi jeans sold at auction for $36,000, so even though they’re just jeans, they’re basically fancier and more expensive than anything that will be in our closets ever, respect where it’s due, Luke.

(Images via Lucasfilm)