luke again
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty Images

If you have been following The Bachelor and The Bachelorette drama this season, you would be clued into the surprise exit of Luke Pell from the show. A fan favorite — Luke won our hearts over with his good looks and manners. Unfortunately, Luke is now speaking out about not being The Bachelor for the next season, despite what fans thought the show was going to look like the next time around.

Credit: ABC/giphy

The next bachelor is going to be Nick Viall. This came as a shock to both Luke and fans of the show. There are no hard feelings between the two guys over the decision, although Luke is definitely upset at the show’s staff, which he voiced in a recent interview with E! News.

He said, “I don’t have a problem with it if they think that they have a better candidate for the show, that’s fine. But it’s the way that it was handled.”

According to Luke, contracts were finalized, promises were made and even casting looked to be almost complete! Everything seemed like he was going to be the star of the next season but Nick was ultimately chosen. Rough. Especially for a guy who was rejected on national television by a truly great woman.


Luke isn’t crying over the show’s decision and we love him for it. Instead, he’s focusing on non-profit work and his music. Here is to hoping that he finds his own happy ending.