Lucy Liu Split
Credit: CBS

We all remember watching Lucy Liu kick some serious butt in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill, and of course we loved hearing that Liu performed all her own butt-kicking stunts. So when James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, asked the action star, “Do you feel you can still kick some ass?” we knew that Liu would not disappoint.

And she didn’t. Although her skirt inhibited her ability to high kick, Liu stunned Corden by delivering a seamless and graceful split, thus proving that Liu, “can still kick a little ass if necessary.”

Credit: CBS

And what of Terry Crews, the hunky Brooklyn Nine-Nine star andfootball legend? What trick does he have hidden up his sleeve?

Lo and behold, a flute appeared under the tree at Christmas time and Crews told Corden, “my mother made me play the flute for like, seven or eight years. I play the flute. I am a flutist.”

Credit: Paramount Pictures/

So while Liu transformed into the acrobatic heroine we know and love, Crews accompanied her moves with a beautiful and jazzy flute solo. Perhaps the two should take this show on the road!

Check out the clip below, and prepare to smile.