Jen Juneau
September 03, 2015 12:04 pm

Who is the pending Lucille Ball biopic starring? Deep breath . . . it’s the forever glorious Cate Blanchett. Now that we think about it, we can totally see the similarities.

Let’s back it up for a second.

Yesterday, TheWrap announced that Lucille Ball, everyone’s favorite slapstick comedienne of the 1950s (or, let’s be real, ever) best known as the star of I Love Lucy, would be getting her very own well-deserved authorized biopic — and that two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett will be playing Ball.

Even more, Aaron Sorkin — who is responsible for the screenplays of films like The Social Network (which he won an Oscar for), A Few Good Men, and the upcoming Steve Jobs — is penning the script.

Not convinced yet? We get it: Lucille Ball has some big shoes to fill, and not everyone could do her justice. But rest easy, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr., will be producing the film. If these names sound familiar, it’s because they’re the children of Ball and her husband of 20 years (and costar in multiple ventures, including I Love Lucy), Desi Arnaz. If Lucy and Ricky’s kids are on board, so are we.

The biopic, which is being produced by Sony Pictures-associated company Escape Artists and whose release date has yet to be announced, will chronicle Ball’s early years on I Love Lucy, and her rise to legend status as a result of its success. It will also explore the notoriously tumultuous 20-year marriage between Ball and Arnaz, which ended in 1960.

Are you wondering about Blanchett’s comedy chops? Well, we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: Cate Blanchett can do anything.

I know what you’re thinking: “Is it Christmas already!? I thought we just got to September.” We agree. We can’t wait to see Lucy come to life again onscreen, and we know Sorkin, Blanchett, and Ball’s children will give Ball the big-screen treatment she so deserves.

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