Sammy Nickalls
April 08, 2015 9:03 am

It’s easy to forget sometimes that every comedian started out somewhere. And that’s the case with Jimmy Fallon. Obvs, he now has his own show, but back in the ’90s, he wasn’t so popular. . . especially with Louis CK, apparently.

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Louis CK told a story that even Jimmy himself didn’t remember: Back in 1996, when Fallon was a budding comedian (d’aw!), he auditioned for The Dana Carvey Show. At the time, Louis CK was the head writer of the series.

“And you were a young, adorable little boy,” says Louis tells Jimmy, before turning to the audience and explaining, “I mean, he was a grown man, I’m not a creep.”

Then, the best thing EVER happened: Louis did a pretty pitch-perfect impersonation of Jimmy’s audition. Next, he recounted exactly what went down AFTER the audition.

“All the women on the staff were like ‘He has to be on. That guy’s gonna be a huge star,'” says Louis. “. . . I think I actually said ‘I will quit the show if you hire that kid.’”

Louis admits that his motives weren’t exactly pure, or even justified. “You had all your hair, you were in shape, you were a young kid, and I was already just kinda sweaty and balding . . . and in my head I knew it, like, ‘This is really f**ked up to be doing this, because this kid is really talented, but I don’t wanna look at him every day because it will make me upset about myself.” Real talk from Louis, as always.

But there was no saltiness at all between the two last night—only bro love. “You were inevitable,” he told a grinning Jimmy. “You were a huge talent. You’re a superbly talented kid. . . if you had gotten on the show, it probably would be on the air now, and you would have taken it over at some point. It would be Jimmy Fallon’s Dana Carvey Show.”

D’AW. Reconciliation at its finest. Check out these two in action: