Crystal Ro
Updated Sep 01, 2016 @ 2:17 pm
Credit: TriStar Pictures
Credit: TriStar Pictures

Last month, the Lost Boys from 1991’s Hook reunited for a 25th anniversary photoshoot. We were insanely impressed by how recognizable these boys, now men, still are as well as how accurately the geniuses at 22 Vision recreated those Hook outfits.

Icons forever!

But what you didn’t get a chance to see, until now, is all the behind-the-scenes conversations these Neverland citizens had. Dante Basco – who played the tri-hawked leader of this adorably ragtag band, Rufio – just posted a fun video of the photoshoot, and it’ll hit you right in the nostalgia feels.

Young Peter Pan himself, played by actor Ryan Francis, demonstrated his A+ tights skills that he never forgot.

Raushan Hammond, who played “Thud Butt” had a touching reunion with the sword Peter bequeathed him.

All the boys explained how they EACH thought they were going to get the sword. In fact, James Madio, who played “Don’t Ask”, remembered this little moment between him and Robin Williams.

And Isaiah Robinson, who played the LITTLEST Lost Boy, “Pockets”, revealed this special moment with Robin Williams that didn’t make the final cut.

You can watch the entire video along with Dante’s hilarious and nostalgic commentary below.