Madison Vanderberg
March 24, 2016 8:38 am

Yesterday it was announced that the original cast of All That is back together for a special reunion marathon for Nickelodeon’s The Splat channel and all us 90’s kids are like OMG and YAS YAS YAS.

So that got us digging around the Internet as we wondered what the OG All That cast has even been up to all these years since the show ended. That’s when we discovered that Lori Beth Denberg, star of memorable All That sketch “Vital Information,” is in the wedding business!

And by wedding business, we mean, SHE MARRIES PEOPLE! Lori Beth Denberg, comedy idol of your youth, can marry you because she’s a wedding officiant!

She even offered to marry Perez Hilton?!

We have so many questions like, “Can she marry us? Wait who are we marrying? Does it matter? We’ll find someone! What’s Lori Beth’s email? HOW DO WE DO DIS!?”

Oh wait a second, you CAN email her HERE if you want a little Nickelodeon nostalgia on your wedding day!

Lori Beth explains on her website that she got started as a wedding officiant as a joke, you know, as you do. “It started as a joke when a friend I’ve had since the first grade decided to get married. They weren’t very religious and couldn’t decide on an officiant, so I jokingly volunteered,” she explains.

And now it’s become her thing! She specializes in “personalized, quirky weddings” for couples looking for something “a little different, a little less sterile, and a little more fun.”

One of the brides she worked with wrote about Lori’s services on her blog saying, “I’ve had at least ten people tell me it was the most memorable ceremony they’ve ever attended. People were rolling with laughter. Then sobbing. It was epic.”

Lori Beth Denberg, comedy and nostalgia legend is now an epic wedding officiate. Dope.