Jennifer Still
Updated Mar 31, 2014 @ 8:11 am

It’s pretty safe to say that we love Lorde here at HelloGiggles. While still incredibly young, she’s well beyond her years and is also intelligent, well-spoken and has a great head on her shoulders – definitely a breath of fresh air in today’s pop culture. While her music itself is great, too, Lorde has repeatedly showed just how headstrong she can be and continues to speak out for what she believes is right.

Most recently, she took to Twitter to highlight the issue of Photoshopping, which has been ever-present in our discussions as of late. Her tweet showed two photographs from the same performance she’d given, only one had been edited and the other showed Lorde in her natural state. Instead of being horrified or upset by the difference or feeling self-conscious about the less-than-perfect version of herself, she used it as an opportunity to send an important message to her fans: “Flaws are OK.”

What a fantastic message for women (and men!) of all ages to hear. While there’s constant pressure on all of us – famous and “normal” people alike – to live up to a certain image, it’s wonderful to see a young girl in the public eye bucking that trend and embracing her natural – and still completely beautiful – self. We love you, Lorde!

Featured image via Lorde’s Instagram