Alim Kheraj
Updated Mar 29, 2017 @ 1:32 am
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Imagine finding out that your fave artist was doing a secret show near you. Imagine how excited you’d be. Well, some fans in Auckland, New Zealand, were surprised when it appeared Lorde was doing a secret show. However, things weren’t quite what they seemed as the Lorde in question was actually a super convincing impersonator.

Lorde has had a pretty busy few weeks. The singer recently announced her return to music with the uptempo breakup song “Green Light.” The track, which was inspired by the singer’s first experience of heartbreak, is the lead track from her second album, Melodrama, which is expected for release on June 16th.

If that wasn’t enough, Lorde also dropped by Saturday Night Live to perform the track, along with tender ballad “Liability,” which, along with “Green Light,” was co-written and co-produced by Jack Antonoff.

Given how busy she is with new music, some fans thought that Lorde dropped by the Auckland public library to perform “Green Light” during the No Lights No Lycra club night.

According to reports from attendees, Lorde dropped by the intimate venue to perform the track to the 100-strong crowd. As The Guardian reports, a “super ultra special guest” had been teased at the venue, which promises “hour of dance freedom in total darkness.”

As some fans took to social media to express their delight at “seeing” Lorde perform, it seems that the singer and her mother, Sonia Yelich-O’Connor, couldn’t have been anywhere near the venue. Why? Because they were in London…England.

Taking to Twitter, Lorde’s mom noted that her and her daughter were on the other side of the world.

Fans quickly began to question how this could have happened…

Indeed, even Lorde responded to the news that she’d somehow managed to appear at two different places on opposite sides of the world.


Lorde had actually shared her delight at being back in the U.K. on Instagram by letting the world know her appreciation for one of countries beloved candy bars: the creme egg.

So what actually happened? Well, No Lights No Lycra organizer Craig Neilson let fans and attendees know that they’d been duped by an impersonator, rising singer Hannah Horsfield.

“Cat’s out of the bag!” he wrote on Facebook. “Last night’s event was totally incredible and I want to thank everyone involved. Most of all I want to thank our incredible performer, Hannah Grace Horsfield who is graduating from Auckland University’s pop music degree in May, and of course Lorde for the phenomenon that is ‘Green Light.'”

Speaking to The Guardian, Horsfield said that he didn’t expect the crowd to believe that it was the actual Lorde performing, and, as he told New Zealand’s Newshub, the whole thing was an early April Fools prank.

Meanwhile, if anyone had any doubts about Lorde being in their hometown to play a special show, the singer recently announced that she had landed in Paris, France. So unless Paris is your hometown, be careful not to be duped!

Lorde releases her second album Melodrama on June 16th.