a little boy dancing
Credit: A ti te gusta esto /

We all have days when we need a boost. As much as we wish we were Wonder Woman, the reality is we are not. And that’s totally okay! All that means is that, on occasion, we may need to look up sweet and inspiring videos to remind us that yes, anything is possible. The latest case of internet pick-me-ups is a video of a little boy dancing folklorico, a traditional Mexican style of dance.

Clad in the traditional costumes, the little boy is seen in front of his female partner. What makes this video so heartwarming is that he can’t walk, but instead, he improvises and dances anyway.

Grab your tissues because this is overwhelmingly amazing.

The little boy can do whatever he likes, with a little modification! Instead of walking around his partner, he scoots. He still manages to keep the beat and scoot at the right time, and the results are honestly adorable.

The best part? The giant grin on this child’s face; he looks like he’s having the most fun, and that makes us feel like we’re having the most fun, and that also makes us cry. Disabled bodies are just as beautiful, important, and worthy as able bodies; let us never forget that! This dancing little boy proves that!

Just to recap some life lessons this toddler managed to teach us in less than five minutes: You can always dance. Every body is worthy of joy and dancing! And children look especially cute in baile folklorico costumes.