Jessica Wakeman
June 13, 2016 6:18 am
David M. Benett/Getty

When you’re Lindsay Lohan, it doesn’t need to be #throwbackthursday to post a throwback: You just have to have a cute pic to share of your sibs. That must be why Lindsay posted this adorable photo on her Instagram over the weekend, showing her in all her redheaded glory with little sister Ali Lohan and little brother Michael Lohan:

The siblings look like they’re wearing bathing suits and hanging at a table outside in the sun. While there’s no date on the photo (Lindsay captioned it #vintage — ha ha), we’ve seen The Parent Trap enough times to guess it’s from around those years.

And there’s one more Lohan child, in case you forgot: Cody, the youngest, who appeared in this cute throwback from Ali Lohan’s Instagram account:

And this one from Lindsay’s:

One thing is for sure: the Lohans are quite the photogenic family!