Jill Layton
August 12, 2016 9:34 am

Linda Cardellini is currently starring as Meg Rayburn in the Netflix original series Bloodline (which, by the way, if you aren’t watching — you definitely should be). But Cardellini is way more than just a Rayburn…

You may remember her as Cory Matthew’s lady love, Lauren, in Boy Meets World circa 1993.


But more notably, from 1999-2000, Cardellini played Lindsay Weir on the short-lived NBC series Freaks and Geeks. The show accurately depicted the sad, hilarious unfairness of teen life – and we’re still obsessed.

Though we’re especially obsessed with Cardellini’s character, the actress herself isn’t so obsessed with one thing: her Freaks and Geeks audition tape (which has been made public on YouTube).


During a chat with Sam Jones for Off Camera with Sam Jones, Cardellini explained why she’s super against the world seeing the tape:

“When I auditioned for [Freaks and Geeks], originally the story I knew was they didn’t want to see me,” she explained. “And I remember thinking that all I want to do — I most likely will not get this role — all I want to do is do what I feel I see on this page. As a young actor … you can fall into the trap of wanting to do what you think people want to see.”

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“So I was fortunate because of that sort of obstacle, I didn’t have that in my head,” she continued. “I wanted to put forth exactly what I felt was there. [Thinking that I wasn’t going to get the role anyway] allowed me to have a sort of freedom … It made me braver.”

Makes perfect sense. By not thinking about what others would want her to do, Cardellini was free to express herself in whatever way felt right to her at the time. Yet, this isn’t exactly something the actress wants the public to see.

“When I found out that the audition was available for viewing, my face got hot and I got terrified — because I feel like auditioning is so hard as it is,” she explained.

It would be like someone recording one of our job interviews and then putting it on YouTube. No thanks!

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Check out the entire interview below: