So, you finished Stranger Things and you need a new show to binge-watch. You don’t have much time, but you’re looking for some quality humor and entertainment. What do you do?

Well, you came to the right place. I’d like to introduce you to a webseries called Life, After. Yes, as in life after death.

But these are not the kind of ghosts you want to bust — although I’m sure they’d love to have Kristen, Melissa, Leslie, and Kate guest star. The series has some familiar faces from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Broad City, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Credit: lifeafterseries/Vimeo

You may recognize one of the lead ghosts/creators, Corinne Caputo! She used to write hilarious posts for HelloGiggles, and she’s performed at a bunch of HelloGiggles UCB NY shows. She also has a book, How to Success: A Writer’s Guide To Fame and Fortune, coming out in spring 2017! Erica Tachoir, lead ghost actor/creator, can be seen in commericals and at the UCB — where she and Corinne met. Oh, and she also directed Nancy from Stranger Things in her short film “Too Sunny for Santa” that screened at multiple festivals!

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you died? Well, Corinne and Erica have. Here are some super important lessons I learned while watching Life, After:

*Die with someone you like.

*Make sure you’re always wearing a cute outfit — because if you die, you will be stuck with it.

Credit: lifeafterseries/Vimeo

*It’s, like, really hard to find out what your unfinished business is. Don’t get discouraged.

*Do not walk and text. The show teaches the dangers of walking and texting. Some would probably call it the best PSA of all time. Seriously, you can DIE. (Just watch the first episode below)

*When you’re a ghost, it’s really fun to mess with people. Just make sure you’re not haunting them by accident.

Credit: lifeafterseries/Vimeo

*As a ghost, don’t lean against walls. You’ll just fall right through them.

*Pop culture references solve everything — and if they don’t, then they at least make life/death more fun.

As I said previously, it’s important to die with someone you like — and they did that. Friendship is really the core of the show. That person you need in life AND death. The person you’d learn CPR for. If only we could all be lucky enough to die with a bestie by our side.

As everything in life, it’s better to have someone by your side. And I’m sure (well, not really sure) that in death, it’s comforting to have a buddy to share ghost adventures with you. Especially with creepy ghost kids lurking around!

Credit: lifeafterseries/Vimeo

I’m impressed with every aspect of Life, After — the writing, the acting, the comedic delivery, the title sequence and song, everything. The webseries is SO good that it leaves you wanting more. I’m dying for a second season. Not literally, but like maybe fake literally because I’d totally be a ghost in the show. Also, adding to ghost pop culture references, Devon Sawa should definitely reprise his role of Casper next season.

Watch the all of the episodes here! You can also follow them on their Facebook and Twitter for some behind the scenes ghost stories.