She might be one badass and inspiring woman, but sometimes “angry men” still get her down. When that happens, Lena Dunham calls on Mariah Carey, and, like, same.

Now, we need no convincing that Mariah Carey is the GOAT. Whether we’re pretending to be her for the day, getting gym outfit inspo from her heels-and-fishnets take on workout gear, or adopting her policy to never use the word birthday, we’re constantly inspired by her iconic ways. Hey, she is the elusive chanteuse after all.

And indeed, Mariah Carey is also a feminist inspiration for none other than Lena Dunham.

In a tweet sent to Teen Vogue writer and fellow badass woman Lauren Duca, Lena Dunham voiced how she turns to Carey when in doubt.

The whole thing went down when Duca was targeted by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who seemed to take umbrage with the fact that the writer had received a personal letter from Hillary Clinton in which the former Presidential candidate praised her for making the internet a safer space for women.

“Is this insane?” Duca tweeted, prompting a response from Dunham.

This prompted Duca to respond with this now iconic Mariah Carey GIF.

Dunham, of course, is referring to Carey’s 2009 diss-track (allegedly aimed at Eminem), “Obsessed.”

Little did Duca or Dunham expect for Mariah to get involved in the action.

The megastar tweeted, “Feel free to invoke me anytime #girls! ❤️”

Of course, this prompted Dunham to have a complete meltdown, which, tbh, is totally understandable.

Essentially, if you’re ever looking for advice, at a crossroads, or in need of a pick-me-up, you need not look any further than the legendary Ms. Mariah Carey.