Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jun 01, 2016 @ 10:29 am
lena dunham meditation
Credit: Vogue/ http://video.vogue.com/watch/vogue-original-shorts-lena-dunham-tries-meditation

Meditation is easier said than done, but it’s good to know we’re not alone when Lena Dunham struggles just as much as we do (even if she has totally different problems!). In a video posted on Vogue today, Lena demonstrated what a typical day in her life is like, and all those pesky thoughts that invade her head when she’s trying to take a moment alone.

First, there’s her longtime boyfriend Jack Antonoff.


“Are Jack and I ready for adulthood?” Lena wonders. “What if we have kids and it all goes wrong?”

But she doesn’t dwell for too long, because her thoughts immediately snap to another worry: her friendships.


Not only has Jenni Konner, Lena’s creative partner on Girls, found a new best friend (Constance Wu), they’re also threatening to replace her character with a bunny. “We actually polled the audience and they can’t even tell the difference,” Constance says.

And, speaking of Girls, there’s still so much to worry about on set:


Jemima Kirke isn’t too happy with Lena’s script, and if she’s anything like her character Jessa, then we know she definitely won’t compromise.

These distractions build and build until, finally, Lena breaks. That’s okay, because she’s greeted with a sight any one of us would be happy to see:


Sometimes, meditation just can’t beat the power of delicious fast food. Hey, whatever it takes for you to find your zen, right?


We’re not surprised that Lena is feeling a little overwhelmed. Although just one more season of Girls remains, she’s been hard at work with her various other projects, like Lenny, the newsletter she runs with Jenni Konner, or her upcoming new HBO comedy starring Zoe Kazan, Max.

Watch Lena’s full attempt at meditation below, and cross your fingers that she gets everything sorted so we get to see all of her amazing projects in the flesh!Watch this on The Scene.