Lena Dunham
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We find Lena Dunham pretty inspiring, tbh. Despite only being 30 years old, she’s already made movies, had her own TV show (our fave Girls), and published a book! What’s more, we love her feminist newsletter, Lenny Letter. We also love Lena because she’s outspoken and discusses things honestly and without any pretences.

That’s why we totally agree with what she had to say about this whole Kim Kardashian situation.

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For those of you who might not know, Kim Kardashian was recently robbed at gunpoint in hotel while staying in Paris. The details of the attack sound completely horrifying, and we’re so glad that Kim is okay and well.

As this is the age in which people feel that they can share everything on social media, some people were quick to pass judgement on the situation just because they don’t like the family and what they apparently represent. We won’t be sharing any of that nonsense here, but it’s pretty easy to find on social media.

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It seems that Lena also felt concerned by some of the nastiness that was going on online and in the media.

Dropping by The Breakfast Club in New York City, Lena spoke up about the Kim Kardashian situation and we totally agree.

She then went in on those people who were making jokes at Kim’s expense.

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Lena also spoke out against the idiot that attempted to pick up Gigi Hadid and it’s so on point.


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Lena also opened up about what it was like shooting the last season of Girls, which finishes next year, and we feel the same, tbh.

Don’t ever stop speaking your mind, Lena!

You can watch the whole 30 minute interview below.

The final season of Girls airs next year on HBO.