Erin Mallory Long
May 21, 2015 2:05 pm

Sometimes movies come along that change your life. Legally Blonde was one of those movies for me. When I first saw it I loved it, then immediately got it on DVD, then would sometimes watch the movie all the way through then turn it on again and listen to the commentary. (Seriously, this was a ritual I did MULTIPLE times) Well, it’s on Netflix now and though I still own my DVD copy of it, I watched it on Netflix for the first time in years yesterday. And let me tell you: It. Still. Holds. Up. I LOVE this movie just as much as I always have (though that “bend and snap” sequence still makes me uncomfortable, tbh) and wanted to take a look back on it today.

Here are five ways Legally Blonde ruined my life:

1. Made me want to go to law school

Seriously. Scenes of lawyers catching people in a lie and winning the case is one of my favorite things. Hence my intense affection for Law and Order: SVU. But in this movie especially, watching Elle Woods learn all of this stuff and eventually win the case is so satisfying to me that it makes me long to be a lawyer.

Then I think about it for one more second and realize I would break out into hives having to be a lawyer in a courtroom. (But I’m sure I could play one on TV.)

2. Gave me endless quotes to recite

My friend Becky and I loved this movie more than anyone else I knew and used to quote it to each other constantly. There are so many quotable lines in this movie and that is just one of the ways it is a PERFECT MOVIE. Sorry, did I mention that I love Legally Blonde?

3. Pushed me to be a better person

OK, well, it at least pushed me into thinking I should try to be a better person. Elle doesn’t judge people by their appearances or interests but EVERYONE around her judges her in that way. And she doesn’t let it bother her. She presses on and fulfills her goals and does it without crushing anyone else’s spirit.

4. Taught me to chase my dreams

Elle Woods is a BOSS. She has people constantly underestimating her because of her appearance and she kills it every time. She is self-confident and in charge of her own life and even though her lawyer dreams were initially fueled because of her ex-boyfriend she ended up committing to it and loving it and following through with her goal.

Elle is the perfect example to teach you to stick to your guns and attack your problems head on and most importantly, never give up. She got into Harvard Law, you guys! And not unwarranted. She studied her butt off and got a 179 on her LSATs and she did it!

5. Unfortunately made me hate Victor Garber

The worst part of this movie (besides the aforementioned “bend and snap” fiasco is that Victor Garber’s character is a slimeball.

And we all know anyone my age is in love with Victor Garber because of Titanic so this was a really hard blow for us. Luckily he redeemed himself by appearing in an episode of 30 Rock. Phew. (I’ve never watched Alias, sorry)

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