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Apparently, LeBron James is voting for Hillary Clinton. Yep, this is real life. In a letter for Business Insider, none other than freakin’ LeBron James explained why #HesWithHer, and it’s seriously so moving. Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming election, it’s hard to hear James’s story and not be moved.

He got so vulnerable in the letter, explaining,

But, James writes, it didn’t.

He continued, saying,

Seriously, what an incredible message! We’re so in love right now, guys.

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Wrapping up, he explained,

We’re so thankful that influential figures like LeBron James are using their platforms to share their thoughts in this tense political climate. Their opinions pack a lot of punch, and, seriously, it’s just so lovely to get some insight into who they are beyond their talents. We feel like we know him so much better now!

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