Los Angeles is the land of transplants. Most of us have traveled from small towns with less opportunities all the way to this crazy city dripping with fame and success. We want to find out what we’re made of, what we can accomplish, and who we want to become. I moved here about seven years ago with those same intentions. I could’ve stayed in New Hampshire, sure. But what could I have done? I wanted more. More of everything. More chances. More opportunities. More life experiences.

The ladies of The Lylas (a new girl group featuring the four sisters of Bruno Mars), are going through this same experience now. Moving from their hometown of Honolulu to Los Angeles, the ladies live together and work together as they try to get their music career off the ground. Their new show on WEtv, premiering November 8th at 9pm ET, follows sisters Jaime, Tahiti, Tiara, and Presley and the drama that hits their new life in LA.


The oldest of six siblings, Jaime was the first to pursue her musical dreams.


A mom of two, Tahiti is inspired by the musicians Pink and Alicia Keys.


A former preschool teacher, Tiara realized that music was her passion.


The youngest of the siblings, Presley has struggled to overcome her stage fright. They haven’t lived together for years, and working together adds a whole new level of stress to the situation. Tahiti is a mother of two and her kids are still in Hawaii, so she struggles to split her love between the family she can’t be with, to the one she’s trying to build a career with. They also have to face the untimely death of their mother, in the midst of clashing with their management team and each other.

I’ve only seen the premiere episode and I’m already obsessed with these ladies! It’s so interesting to watch their family dynamics as they work on their music (something I have zero experience with) and as they all try to get settled and find out who they are in this brand new place (a frustrating life experience that I went through myself).

Lylas, I want more!

Tune into the series premiere of The Lylas on WEtv, Friday, November 8th at 9pm ET. Trust me, you’ll be instantly hooked too.