Kathryn Lindsay
June 17, 2016 10:49 am

Not only are Lea Michele and actor Robert Buckley dating IRL, they’re also playing a couple on the upcoming Hulu sci-fi series, Dimension 404. Of course, that calls for adorable on-set pictures, and the couple did not disappoint, posting matching Instagrams on Thursday that prove working with your S.O is basically the dream.

“Just us and our very subdued director,” Lea captioned the photo, which features the couple with their arms wrapped around each other on a stoop.

Robert went with the caption “Fake bus stop, real photo bomb. Good times,” on his twinning Insta.

According to People, Dimension 404 will consist of six hour-long episodes and describes itself as a Twilight Zone for the internet age — AKA, exactly what our late-night binge-watching sessions needed.

These weren’t the only photos the actors posted on Thursday. It looks like everyone was having an fun night on set, and it’s clear the cast and crew feel nothing but love for each other.

Robert also posting a truly touching photo thanking his co-stars for all their support during these hard days at work.

While we already knew we were going to enjoy a show starring Lea, Joe McHale, and Sarah Hyland, we’re even happier knowing that it was made by people who are dedicated to their work and totally there for each other. While we don’t know when Dimension 404 will be hitting our screens, we know we absolutely cannot wait!