laurie hernandez
Credit: Laurie Hernandez / Instagram /

While all of the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastic team members have captured our hearts, there’s an extra special spot in them for Laurie Hernandez, the 16-year-old gymnast whose winks captivated the world, and whose smile literally radiates joy.

Now, the “human emoji” (what a nickname) has just landed her first big post-Olympics beauty contract, and of course it’s for Crest. Of course.

Along with appearing in a Crest ad in the near future, Hernandez is the face of Orgullosa, an online Latina community resource from Crest parent company P&G. This is perhaps the most appropriate spokeswoman gig ever, and Hernandez is understandably proud to take it on.

Most professional athletes use the Olympics as a way to establish themselves not just in their respective fields, but also to leverage their success into long-term sponsorships and continued visibility after the games. What Mary Lou Retton and Dominique Dawes mean to us now is what the women at Rio, at London, will mean to future generations of aspiring gymnasts. For Hernandez to continue her journey, potentially even into an another games, means holding onto the public’s spotlight, and what better way to do that than with her second-greatest talent — sending light into the world with that megawatt smile: