Gilmore Girls
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When the news that Gilmore Girls was officially coming back broke, we were so excited that we immediately celebrated by going out to get ourselves the biggest cup of coffee we could find (it was quite big and we were buzzing afterwards).

We then decided that we’d watch THE WHOLE SHOW from the beginning, which we managed quicker than we thought we might, and completely fell in love with all the characters again (yes, even April). Basically, it’s safe to say that our expectations for when the show returns are pretty high.

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However, it seems that we aren’t the only ones who expect greatness from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

No, Gilmore Girls’ leading lady, Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) also felt a sense of duty to make sure that when the beloved show returned things were great. Speaking to People, Lauren expanded on her anxieties surrounding the comeback of the show.

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Omg, we actually cannot imagine the kind of pressure that Lauren must be feeling. It must have been pretty daunting deciding to go back to it knowing that you could potentially upset a lot of fans.

And, as we’ve seen this week, Gilmore Girls fans are dedicated, with many queuing to celebrate the show’s sixteenth birthday as Netflix turned a bunch of coffee shops into Luke’s Diner.

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Speaking to Bustle about the reboot, Lauren explained that it was like going back to college.

Ugh, we just *heart* this so much! It’s so nice to see someone who actually loves their work be grateful and celebrate something that millions upon millions of people love.

Despite her trepidation and nerves surrounding Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we really don’t think that Lauren has anything to worry about. Firstly, fans are just happy that the show is coming back in some form, and with original show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino involved, we’re sure that things are gonna have that old school Gilmore Girls flare.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life comes to Netflix on November 25th.