Dasha Fayvinova
Updated Aug 20, 2016 @ 12:32 pm
Credit: Urban Napflin/Shutterstock

Get ready for your daily dose of cute. That’s not an overstatement by any means by the way. The video you are about to see is loaded with cuteness! A small kiwi bird appears on night-vision camera footage running around, falling over and seemingly dancing a beat none of us can hear. And if you thought puppy videos online are cute, you have never seen a kiwi dance.

Credit: Giphy / giphy.com

This little creature is a kiwi. It’s a flightless, native to New Zealand bird, that looks like a hairy avocado with feet and a beak. It’s given us hours of pleasure watching it be adorable like in the above image. Lucky for us a sanctuary’s head ranger Kelly Gough shared a video of one such creature playing around in front of a camera. Since they are nocturnal by nature, catching sight of one is pretty rare. Especially one that appears to be happy and dancing around. Try not to crack a smile watching the video below:

If you want to get a closer look in person, check your local listings for a zoo or habitat that might carry them. Since these are pretty rare creatures you might have to settle for the videos online.