Rachel Paige
April 20, 2015 9:53 am

And so, the Batman and Superman movie mashups begin. Considering there are already seven Batman movies and six Superman movies, along with multiple TV series for both, this was bound to happen eventually. As we gear up for the movie where these two worlds collide, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we’ve stumbled upon a great mashup that takes things old school — it features Adam West as Batman, and Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Reeve played Superman/Clark Kent in Superman I, II and III, and he’s always going to be Superman to us, no matter what. Reeve was involved in an equestrian accident in the mid-90s, where he was thrown from the horse, leaving him paralyzed. That didn’t stop him from trying to save the world. He worked hard to bring stem cell research front and center, along with being a voice for those with spinal cord injuries, AND then he formed the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, which works to improve the quality of for those living with disabilities. So yeah, basically Superman.

He sadly passed away in 2004, but now we can relive his days as Superman in this new faux Batman v Superman trailer. YouTube user Bobby Burns has taken video from Reeve’s days as Superman, along with clips from West’s time playing Batman on TV, and blended them together. The audio from the new Batman vs. Superman trailer remains, but we’ve got new images now that are wonderfully retro.

While I’m all for computer generated images and special effects, there’s something great about how crazy simple these superheroes used to be. Just watch Superman fly and Batman run, and you’ll feel the same way, too. Think anyone’s got the patience to completely edit Reeve and West into the new Batman v Superman movie? Because I’d love to watch that whole thing. In the mean time, this will do.

Image via here.