Lilian Min
Updated Feb 17, 2017 @ 7:47 pm
Lana Del Rey
Credit: @lanadelrey /

It’s been a hot second since we’ve heard from Lana Del Rey. The moody songstress, who caused an uproar when she formally debuted “Video Games” in 2011, has since settled into pop royalty. From debut album Born to Die to third album Honeymoon, released toward the end of 2015, Del Rey’s shown a knack for curating intense, nostalgia-tinged albums.

And it looks like she’s back at it again. Lana Del Rey fan accounts are freaking out across social media over what appears to be street posters teasing a new project.



The posters are almost comically Del Rey: Her slightly blurry close-up, a man’s shadowy face, planets surrounding the entire scene. (The singer’s obsession with space is well-documented.) But, what exactly are they teasing? The tag on the poster reads “Directed by Rich Lee,” whose portfolio covers music videos, commercials, and “special projects.”

But because the internet knows everything, fans have already latched onto a target. Earlier this year, Del Rey registered a new song called “Young And In Love.” Not all registered songs eventually make it to release, but that’s a good place to start. (Perhaps we’ll have to keep our eyes out for a companion “Young” poster soon.)

Onto a slightly less obvious question: Why the debut in Los Angeles? Given the amount of times Del Rey’s shouted out LA icons in her visuals and music, it makes sense. Angelenos, keep your eyes peeled for Del Rey street sightings — related to her music only, of course.