Kit Steinkellner
December 05, 2014 2:56 pm

The 2015 Grammys ceremony is going to be exciting one for women: for the first time in 16 years, the Record of the Year category is dominated by women.

Grammy nominations were announced today and lookee here, it’s AWESOME for ladies.

We’ve got Taylor Swift for “Shake it Off,” Iggy Azalea (feat. Charli XCX) for “Fancy,” Sia for “Chandelier,” Meghan Trainor for “All About That Bass,” and the lone dude in the group, Sam Smith for “Stay.”

The last time women straight-up dominated this category was in 1999 with Lauryn Hill, Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain, and Shirley Manson’s “Garbage.” If anyone just freaked out when they read that list, solidarity, I freaked out too, Sheryl and Shania were my JAMS in middle school, this list reads like the movie soundtrack of my youth.

1999 was a great year for women in music and, as it turned out, 2014 was a rocking year for the ladies too. Let’s break down this year’s recently announced nominees and talk about why we’re so thankful for them. Yes, Food Thanksgiving is over, but Music Thanksgiving is JUST BEGINNING.

Taylor Swift – Best Pop Solo Performance (“Shake It Off”); Record of the Year (“Shake It Off”); Song of the Year (“Shake It Off”) 

We’ve been worshipping at the altar of Our Lady of Tay since 2008 and in the last six years girl has CLEANED UP in the awards department. This year TSwift followed her muse, and her muse said “Make a pop album.” Let’s get some Grammy’s bling for all that muse-driven music.

Iggy Azalea – Best New Artist; Record of the Year (“Fancy”); Best Rap Album; Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (“Fancy”)

Remember this time last year when none of us really knew who Iggy Azalea was? Well we definitely know who she is now and (spoiler alert) so do the Grammys.

Sia — Record of the Year (“Chandelier”); Song of the Year (“Chandelier”); Best Music Video (“Chandelier”); Best Pop Solo Performance (“Chandelier”)

Sia’s story is part Cinderella, part Cyrano, ALL AMAZE. After spending years writing songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Rihanna she’s finally performing her own stuff. And it’s legit impossible not to love.

Meghan Trainor — Record of the Year (“All About That Bass”); Song of the Year (“All About That Bass”) 

I’ve already talked on Hello Giggles about how obsessed I am with her body-positive retro throwback “All About That Bass”, but I will just say one more time, for the record, that this song is brills times infinity and I hope DJs play it at weddings for the rest of human history.

Ariana Grande — Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (“Bang Bang”); Best Pop Vocal Album

There’s no way you can say you didn’t jam out to “Bang Bang” at least once this year. In a car? In your room? On public transportation? You can’t NOT rock out when it comes on.

Katy Perry — Best Pop Vocal Album; Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (“Dark Horse”) 

We love KP unconditionally, and our heart swells whenever we see her on any nomination list. Plus, “Dark Horse” is the kind of spooky amazing that music dreams are made of.

Haim — Best New Artist

Absolutely 100% psyched for the Haim ladies who’ve been killing it for a while and are finally getting the award’s recognition they deserve. So deserved. SO deserved. 

Beyoncé — Best Urban Contemporary Album; Best Music Film (“Beyoncé & Jay Z: On the Run Tour”); Best R&B Performance (“Drunk In Love”); Best R&B Song (“Drunk In Love”) 

BOW DOWN. What more can we say?

Jhené Aiko — Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (“Blak Majik”); Best Urban Contemporary Album; Best R&B Song (“The Worst”)

We fell in love with Aiko during her ass kicking performance with Drake on SNL and it’s been nothing but romance since then.

Nicki Minaj — Best Rap Song (“Anaconda”), Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (“Bang Bang”)

Nicki Minaj is the only chica nominated in the Best Rap Song category, and if “Anaconda” doesn’t win I’m going to quit everything.

Brandy Clark — Best New Artist; Best Country Album

Brandy Clark! She is a genius. A literal songwriting genius. She writes for ALL of the first ladies of country and her solo album 12 Stories is the type of brilliant, woman-centered, catchy album that does not come around every day.

St. Vincent — Best Alternative Music Album

Is there a cooler chick in the biz? Pretty safe to say that the answer is no.

Miranda Lambert — Best Country Album; Best Country Song (“Automatic”); Best Country Duo/Group Performance (“Somethin’ Bad”); Best Country Solo Performance (“Automatic”)

She’s the queen of country and “Automatic” was a classic the moment it hit the airwaves. We’ll just be playing that one again now.

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