Alim Kheraj
November 28, 2016 4:13 am

In an honest and emotional interview, Lady Gaga has opened up about fame, love, and loneliness, and it’s so powerful.

Gaga, who recently released her fifth album Joanne, has been fairly candid recently. The star penned an essay about womanhood for the last issue of Harper’s Bazaar, but has also opened up about suffering with chronic pain and grappling with the pitfalls of fame.

This introspection comes following the release of Joanne, the singer’s most intimate and personal album to date. The record is an homage to Gaga’s family and her aunt Joanne, who died aged 19 of Lupus. Although she never met her aunt, Gaga has spoken about how deeply her death affected her and her whole family.

Now the singer has opened up about Joanne and her life in an emotional interview.

Sitting down with CBS Sunday Morning, Lady Gaga told Lee Cowan about the difficulties of fame.

What’s more, the singer spoke about her romantic life, too.

Gaga recently split with her partner, the actor Taylor Kinney. She confirmed that her single “Perfect Illusion” was about her relationship in an interview earlier this year.

Gaga also spoke about the transition she made from avant garde popstar to the introspection of Joanne.

Gaga went on to say that she only felt like she could be herself when behind the closed door of her home.

Explaining how it’s legal to follow her, legal for people to take photos, and legal to approach her, the singer said that felt like she couldn’t truly be herself in the public eye. Getting emotional, the Gaga told how her relationship with her family helped her find solace.

Gaga, who plays the Super Bowl halftime show this February, also spoke about how she’d react if her career fell apart.

We love how honest and real Lady Gaga has been through out this whole era. While we LOVE the dramatics and theatrics that made her famous, it’s amazing to see what a multifaceted artist she is behind the wigs and meat dresses.

Lady Gaga’s fifth album Joanne is out now.