Alim Kheraj
September 09, 2016 4:20 am
Emma Bunton/

It’s been a busy 24 hours for Lady Gaga. Today, the singer dropped her highly anticipated new single “Perfect Illusion,” before heading out on a promo trail that has taken her around all of the UK’s biggest radio stations.

While visiting the different radio stations, Gaga has let a few details slip, like the fact that her new album features a duet with Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine, collaborations with Beck and Father John Misty, and that the collection, lovingly titled by fans #LG5, had been executive produced by Mark Ronson and would be out sometime before the end of 2016.

However, the biggest thing that Gaga has done all day involves a trip down memory lane. Lady Gaga sang “2 Become 1″ with an actual SPICE GIRL!”


Dropping by the UK’s Capital FM, Gaga met Emma Bunton (i.e. BABY SPICE) who presents the breakfast show on a sister station.

Obviously, the pair couldn’t part ways without getting a couple of snaps on Instagram, but we’re not sure anyone was ready for what transpired.

Lady Gaga sang “2 Become 1” with Baby Spice!


It’s recently been announced that the Spice Girls are (semi)reuniting in the shape of GEM. The new trio will be comprised of Geri Horner (Ginger Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), and Mel B (Scary Spice), and it’s even been rumored that the group have been recording new music for the project.

Now, Gaga is no stranger to a collaboration. As previously mentioned she’s been working with an eclectic mix of people for her new album, and has previously teamed up with the likes of Tony Bennet and Beyoncé.

So…would it be totally preposterous to hope for a Gaga x GEM collaboration? Or maybe even “Lady Gaga does the songs of the Spice Girls” special?

Okay, maybe a little but we can dream, right?