Hey, did you hear the story about some humans hanging off of Los Angeles City Hall Monday morning? No need to be alarmed, because it was totally on purpose, and totally for a reason: They were simply rehearsing for a giant La La Land song and dance number. Because who needs to stop cars on a freeway when you can *dance on the side of a building.*

The dancers that were casually hanging off of the city hall earlier were simply rehearsing for La La Land Day, which was declared by Mayor Eric Garcetti to be tomorrow, April 25th. The “holiday” coincides with the release of the La La Land DVD and Blu-Ray release, which makes this holiday feel suspiciously like a state-sanctioned advertising ploy, especially since it’s not like La La Land won the Academy Award for best film (even though you might think that if you tuned out early…).

We have a lot of questions (like when’s Moonlight Day?), and do we get the day off of work to watch whatever’s going down starting at 8 AM tomorrow?

But mostly, our minds are just blown by these outrageous videos and pictures people have been sharing to social media.

As people have pointed out, while this is…a little more bonkers than usual, most Angelenos wouldn’t be that shocked to see something like this going down while they’re languishing in traffic.



We don’t really have a fear of heights but honestly this is making us a liiiiiittle afraid.

The videos don’t give us a very good understanding of what the final product will look like, but we’re definitely curious to see how this progresses.

We also would like to voice concern for the women who are being forced to dance every which spatial direction in dresses with people looking up at them. It’s hard enough getting caught in a strong breeze, but falling down the side of a building

Basically, the IRL La La Land is a really weird place and Mayor Eric Garcetti seems committed to making it even weirder, bless.