Dasha Fayvinova
Updated Apr 10, 2017 @ 1:43 pm

When will Kylie Jenner run out of amazing looks?! It seems like the makeup giant doesn’t run out of inspiration for new and fun outfits. Kylie Jenner shared a ton of photos from a space cowgirl-themed party. She would make NSYNC proud. Not only did she look fierce, she inspired us to bust out some futuristic clothes, too.

Kylie brought out the glam for a galactic rodeo-themed party thrown to celebrate her friends’ birthday. Identical twins and DJs Sama and Haya Khandra are also known as Simi and Haze. And when someone gives you “galactic rodeo” as a party theme, you can’t just come in wearing regular clothes. Luckily, Kylie Jenner went all out.

We’re getting major NSYNC vibes.

Kylie Jenner might have been too young to fully appreciate the NSYNC phenomenon that swept a generation, but we sure do. And her outfit is definitely reminiscent of their “Space Cowboy” hit.

Here is Kylie Jenner’s take:

Here is NSYNC’s:

Mind. Blown.

Even better, the youngest Kardashian is giving us more NSYNC comparisons with her friends in the photos with her. Not only is she serving space cowgirl (or “kowgirl”) realness, she’s also helping bring back that futuristic style we’ve been craving.

As Kylie Jenner ‘s take on a space cowgirl makes its round on the internet, we can expect a lot of folks dressing up this way for their own parties. Maybe Justin Timberlake and the gang will see the photos and reunite our favorite boy band. You never know, the Kardashian/Jenner family has the power to make miracles happen.