Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

For those of you who have brown eyes, you may be able to relate to Kylie Jenner‘s recent Instagram post where she brings attention to a spec of green in her eyes.

She captioned the photo, “Very proud of the tiny bit of green in my eyes. Brown eyed girls know ..”

We totally get what she’s saying. Brown eyes aren’t any less perfect than every other eye color, they just tend to be not AS coveted (in some cases!) because they aren’t prone to changing colors. So when they DO show hints of other colors — like green — it’s thrilling.

People with blue eyes often hear, “Wow, your eyes look so blue today” when they’re wearing something blue. Because blue eyes are just susceptible to change. But it’s not often that people with brown eyes hear, “Woah, your eyes look so gorgeous in that brown shirt — they’re just so… brown!” Because brown eyes rarely change… but when they do, it’s definitely noticeable and worth sharing with the world. At least for Jenner it is.