Kristen Wiig debuted her, well, emotional new movie trailer on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Kristen Wiig has been known to make us laugh in giant blockbuster hits, like Bridesmaids and, we assume, the upcoming Ghostbusters film. However, she’s also taken on many smaller, more serious roles in movies like The Diary of a Teenage Girl and The Skeleton Twins.

Obviously, she’s mastered both genres, so when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to talk about her upcoming role, we couldn’t wait to hear what type of movie she was working on next.

Turns out, it’s a very emotional film, and we got to see the trailer for the first time. We don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say this is one of her more dramatic roles. And also one of her wooliest.

There are tears, there are sweaters. There are tears and sweaters.

It’s classic Wiig—gently satirizing her own dramatic roles all while wearing some truly stellar winter sweaters. It almost makes us forgive her for not revealing wouldn’t reveal anything about the new Ghostbusters movie, other than the fact that they’ve finished shooting and that they had a great time. More! We need more!

While we have to wait until 2016 to watch our favorite comedians bust some ghosts, we can watch the trailer for Crying In a Sweater as many times as we want. (It keeps getting better every time we watch it). So there’s that.

(Image via YouTube/ABC)