Rachel Paige
January 29, 2015 9:31 am

For those of you who rely on public transportation on the regular, you are probably very well aware of the whole “manspreading” debate. For those of you who don’t, you likely read that word and thought “what the what?”

The word so far hasn’t made its way into any dictionary, but it’s considered the practice of a gentleman on public transportation who sits with their legs wiiiiiiide apart, thus taking up multiple seats, and furthermore hindering the seating potential for all other passengers. It’s literally a man spreading out his legs, and it’s more than kind of rude. The New York City MTA has even started posting posters that read, “Dude . . . Stop the Spread, Please.”

An example of the manspread:

As much as we hate it, manspreading actually has an ally (sort of) in Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Senior Women’s Correspondent, Kristen Schaal. She thinks the dudes totally deserve that extra few inches of seat. As she said, considering men make “30% more than woman, they should have 30% more space on the ride to work.” I mean, she does raise a pretty good point. It’s only fair if we’re doing dollars for dollars. Eye roll. 

While Stewart can barely contain his laughter, she continues by explaining that, “occupying all the territory you can is sexy” and even offers up a new slogan for the manspreading movement: “spread your legs, spread your freedom.”

Check out the video from last night’s show, and you know, think about what she’s saying. Some of her suggestions are pretty valid . . . just kidding.

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