Credit: C Flanigan/Getty Images

We tend to glamorize the lives of celebrities — all the red-carpet events, all those designers trying to dress you, free stuff galore. But most of them tell us that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

And then, there’s Kristen Bell.

Queen among mortals that she is, Kristen has not become jaded by her celebrity, even though she’s been cruising the red-carpet circuit since 2003.

When Kristen Bell gets invited to a fancy event, she takes full advantage…of the bread bowl.

Last night, Kristen attended the Art of Elysium Heaven 10th anniversary gala in Los Angeles. In addition to honoring Stevie Wonder and Camilla Belle, the event also had some pretty amazing food. And just like we would, Kristen Bell did not shy away from the carbohydrates on offer. We just love that. Why? Because. Bread. Is. So. Darn. Delicious.

Here’s the first shot of the baked goods in question.

Mmm…it looks like there’s some tasting toppings on that piece!

Then she gets her bread on with her friend, Nicole Chavez.

Man, we just love carbs.

Thank you Kristen, for being ALL OF US. And for giving humble bread the celebrity attention it deserves! We bow to our queen.

Bread on, Kristen. Bread on.