They’ve long since become one of our favorite couples to follow on social media (watch out John Legend and Chrissy Teigen — they’re coming for you!) so really, we had no doubts in our minds that Kristen Bell and/or Dax Shepard would do something adorable for Valentine’s Day.

It was Bell who delivered, sharing a video on her Instagram of the couple driving to the courthouse for their famously “no frills” October 2013 wedding. And even though Shepard is mostly famous for starring on NBC’s dearly departed Parenthood, Bell’s video is giving us major Jack and Rebecca from This Is Us vibes, here.

Guh. From the “wanna get married?” to the sweet kiss to Shepard hitting the gas, hard, when Bell says “yes,” this video essentially defines everything we love about this couple: they’re sweet, they’re goofy, and they’re totally in love.