Trilby Beresford
December 13, 2016 8:22 am

So it’s that time of the year, when people like Kylie Jenner are doing sexy calendar shoots! This one’s for her official app, and we’ve gotta say…it’s kinda unusual (in a good way). Meaning, it’s 100% badass.

Not only does Jenner get to wear playful metallic bodysuits, show off giant candy canes, and hang out next to a red lips couch, but she got to hold a LIVE SNAKE!

Yup, get ready to remember Britney’s famous ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ performance where she wrapped a python around her shoulders. NBD, right? We actually knew something crazy was coming from Jenner and photographer Terry Richardson, because just last week Jenner posted a sneak peek from her shoot, along with this photo.

But that wasn’t enough mental preparation for THIS!

Did you catch mama Kris standing with that bad boy draped around her shoulders at the end, like it was NBD just another day at the office kinda situation?! #LADYBOSS.

There’s no question that the snake adds a sharp edge to this video, but how are the Jenners’ so calm and collected while they’re holding it?! If we ever run into a snake this size….staying calm is going to be a serious challenge.

Now that we’ve seen another peek, we’re seriously freaked out excited about this calendar, because it confirms our suspicion that snakes are becoming a verifiable celebrity trend! Think about it. Ruth Negga wore a snake dress on the red carpet, Sophia Richie covered herself in snakes for Complex magazineand Zoe Saldana wore a gown covered in snakes!

Phew, we can handle it. We can.

FYI you can already buy Jenner’s calendar from her online shop, so um, excuse us while we go do that ASAP. Gotta love an early Christmas.