Crystal Ro
August 25, 2016 11:39 am
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When My So-Called Life first graced the small screen 22 years ago today (OMG!!!), every ’90s kid pretty much fell in love. This groundbreaking show not only tackled ~taboo~ subjects like child abuse, homophobia, violence, and teenage alcohol/drug problems, but it also introduced us to some seriously talented actors.

Total ’90s icons.

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And while we all know what leads Claire Danes (Angela Chase) and Jared Leto (Jordan Catalano – and OMG the boiler room…) look like today, we wondered about some of the supporting stars, too. We already checked in with Wilson Cruz (Rickie Vasquez), recently, but what about the other, other ~guy~ in Angela’s life? Brian Krakow?!

For a refresher, here’s what Krakow, played by actor Devon Gummersall, looked like then.

And if you were at all familiar with My So-Called Life, then you know Krakow spent most of his socially-awkward time pining over Angela.

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Unrequited love!!! Well, you don’t have to feel bad for Krakow anymore, because he turned out JUST FINE.

Say hello to a very nicely grown-up Brian Krakow / Devon Gummersall.

No one ever looked better in glasses.

And he’s STILL a super nice guy, OF COURSE.

22 years on we love Krakow/Devon as much now as we did then.